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Maskup PRO Moonlight

Maskup PRO Moonlight

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Discover the unique benefits of Maskup PRO Moonlight - your companion for fashion and skincare rituals:

  • As a cape, it facilitates your makeup application ritual, protecting your clothes from unwanted stains.
  • As a face and head cover, it ensures cleanliness and hygiene in the fitting room, protecting clothes from cosmetic stains.
  • As a turban, it is ideal for applying hair masks and conditioners to your hair, allowing them to make a fuller moisturizing.
  • Used as a hair band, it greatly facilitates the application of face masks, giving you freedom of movement.
Maskup PRO is a stylish and practical piece of your closet that you can always carry with you.

It's an original gift idea for your loved ones, available in four fashionable colors. Choose your favorite one today!
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